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The DV series can be used as a monocular thermal imaging scope or as an attachment  to a mobile phone. When connecting to a phone, it can be used as a tool for real-time  temperature measurement. With small size and weight of 89 g, the device is easy to be  put in a pocket. It is small, but much powerful.

  • More Choice, More Fun

Monocular for hunting, tool for temperature measuring, thermal recording for sharing. Easy as a toy, take it and find more fun.

  • High Image Quality

Embedded with InfiRay, an outstanding 384×288 / 17 μm  VOx detector, the DV series provides superb images and  makes searching target much easier in the darkness.

  • High Frame Rate

25 Hz frame rate output is capable of  capturing every wonderful moment during  night viewing.

  • Remarkably Small and Portable


Weighing only 89 g , it’s remarkably compact in size, and  portable. Leave it in your pocket and you can have thermal  viewing anywhere.

  • Excellent Plug Design

Just push the cover, the plug will pop out automatically.

  • Powerful APP

The APP supports thermal imaging video recording and  shooting, offering real-time display of full-frame temperature  measurement analysis and support for three areas of point-line-surface temperature measurements.

  • Real-time Temperature Measurement Mode

The DV Thermal Imaging Scope is designed to deliver flawless performance at an extreme temperature range of -20℃ - +120℃. Under wide dynamic temperature measurement mode, the temperature measurement range is 120℃ - 400℃.


  • Low Power Consumption

With low power consumption design, it can operate  for over 4 hours using one CR123 battery. Also it can  be connected to a phone to extend its power supply.

  • Hot Target Tracking

High/low temperature spot tracking are supported at three points (Highhigh/Low low and central) of temperature measurements.


Infiray DL13 termokamera - monoklis

Infiray DL13 termokamera - monoklis
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Produkta īpašības

  • Izšķirtspēja: 384×288
  • Palielināšana: 0.85~3.4
  • Lēcas diametrs, mm: 13mm
  • Kadru atjaunošanas ātrums: 25 Hz
  • Frekvences joslas: 17
  • Bildes krāsas: Multiple Patterns and Color Options
  • Mitrumizturība: IP67
  • Baterijas darbības ilgums: 8h
  • Redzeslauks, °: 23.6°×20.7°
  • Izmērs: 77x56x36mm
  • Svars, g: 89g
  • LCD ekrāns: 1.63” AMOLED
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